Services and Therapies

Here at Voitenko Wellness, we offer very specific services and therapies that are both innovative and effective! We are here to get the result you are looking for for your health concerns and goals! Our purpose is to create positivity and wellness in every person we touch. For our patients and those we serve, our purpose is to help them and to be an example of how lives have changed without the use of medications or surgery by Voitenko Wellness and to inspire others by their health and wellness journey.

Chiropractic Techniques

Both doctors are trained in diversified chiropractic treatment. We have been trained in many chiropractic specialties allowing us to have many tools in our toolboxes! Including, but not limited to:

  • Thompson technique
  • Activator
  • Flexion/distraction
  • Webster Technique
  • Myofascial release


Scoliosis specialists, Webster, myofascial release,sports injury and Car accidents


Footbath: decreases inflammation which is the main cause of pain. Helps pH balance the system, decreasing the effects of environmental toxins and increases function. Decreases stress on the body reducing effects of disease

Red light Therapy: detoxification of fat cells (shrinking fat cells)to cause lasting results in loss of inches and weight loss. Creating less pain and overall well-being for optimum health goals! Also known to restore vascular health! Great to kick start your metabolism whether you have plateaued on weight loss or need a kick start for loss of inches. Looking to go down a pant size or getting married? This is a game changer!

Rapid Release Technology: Want to get out of pain and heal? Want more movement? This is a very specific technique for repairing scar tissue, increasing movement, and promoting healing. This vibration frequency is specific for myofascial release, providing muscle relaxation and pain relief-great for after injury, and surgery. Helps with frozen shoulder, knee problems and holding postural alignment!

Interferential Current: An effective therapy to reduce pain and tension resulting in reduction of patient pain. Effective for osteoarthritis, sprain/strain injury (sports injury and whiplash)

Cold Laser/Infrared light: Need pain relief due to injury, pre/post surgery or osteoarthritis? Reduction of inflammation to reduce pain is the name of the game for relief! This is a fast and non-invasive effective treatment to get rid of pain!

Nerve Frequency Therapy: Have burning, tingling, and numbness? Jump on this therapy to get your nerves restored and rejuvenated. Along with red light therapy, you can get rid of these symptoms and regain your life!