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We are a wellness center that truly cares for and about our patients!

Dr. Amber Voitenko DC, takes every step possible to make sure her patients get on the right track to healing! Her passion to help others be well and heal came early, due to a first hand experience. When she was only 13 years old, an accident changed her career path.

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Our passion is helping patients with a variety of conditions lead healthy lives.

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Dr Amber's Journey

At the young age of 13, she suffered a traumatic neck injury. When all conventional treatments were exhausted, her family turned to chiropractic care. After only three visits, Dr. Amber was pain free and on the road to recovery. That’s when she decided to dedicate her life to sharing the healing benefits of chiropractic care with others.

At Voitenko Wellness, Dr. Amber pursues her lifetime passion for holistic healing by utilizing her first love: teaching.