New Patient Special

  • $79.00 Exam and Consultation
  • If your visit is covered by insurance then this payment will be applied to your co-pay or deductible

Welcome to Voitenko Wellness!

At Voitenko Wellness, we understand that you may be suffering from severe pain, or that you have suffered with chronic pain over a period of time.

Relax! Here’s what to expect from your first visit at Voitenko Wellness.

When you arrive at our office, you will be greeted by our friendly staff. There are a few pages of paperwork to fill out that will help Dr. Voitenko gather important information from your health history to see if she can best help you with your pain.


We are excited to help you on your health journey and looking forward to your first visit with us!

The forms below are required in order for Voitenko Wellness to treat you, please take a minute to download the forms and fill them out and print them, prior to your visit. For your convenience you can fill out the forms electronically or print them and manually fill them out. If you cannot print and fill them out prior to your visit please arrive 20 minutes early and let the front desk know you will need to fill out the forms.

CLICK HERE to download and print ALL REQUIRED Voitenko Wellness forms

Please feel free to contact us at 714-730-2225 or contact us here with any questions you might have or to assist you with filling out any forms.

Dr. Voitenko performs a very detailed exam and consultation to get to the root cause of your problem. You will leave the first visit with solutions:

Relief Care:

When you have an acute pain condition, the first goal will be to alleviate it as quickly as possible.  This phase of your care can last from several weeks to several months, depending of many factors unique to your situation.

Though you may experience immediate lessening of the symptom that drove you to seek relief, it’s important to continue with your adjustments.

In your initial appointment with Dr. Voitenko, she will work with you to determine the underlying source of the problem and work with you to permanently resolve it.

Corrective Care:

After the initial consult and alleviating any issues that require immediate relief care, you will start on a path to a lifetime of wellness.

During this phase, you will have fewer chiropractic adjustments. You may have “homework” assignments that will help you take charge of your health.

Dr. Voitenko may also recommend a nutrition program or other lifestyle adjustments to help you reach your long term wellness goal.

Maintenance Care:  At this point, you are pain free and enjoying the benefits of a wellness focused lifestyle.

We hope you are feeling great and enjoying life to the fullest.  Even so, you need to keep your schedule of chiropractic care.  Scientific studies show that patients who follow their maintenance routine have better long term health outcomes than patients who terminate care.

New Patient Special:

  • $79.00 Exam and Consultation
  • If your visit is covered by insurance then this payment will be applied to your co-pay or deductible


Voitenko Wellness accepts Medicare and personal injury cases and some medical insurances. All patients will get a free insurance verification with their first exam.  We will take your information and work with you to make the best use of your insurance benefit.

We are Blue Shield and Aflac Providers. We accept FSA/HSA, as well as liens for Personal injury. We also provide our patients with super bills to help bill out of network insurance carriers to help with reimbursement back to the patient.